Employee Engagement – How To Motivate Your Employees To Perform

Our guest today has successfully led teams of up to 400 in the automotive industry where a delay in production could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars lost in minutes. 

Senior consultant and employee engagement manager at Seraph, Jay Butler joins us today to share insights gleaned from over 25 years’ experience in the automotive and industrial manufacturing industry on how a leader can get the best out of his team.



About Jay Butler
How Jay get teams of up to 400 to perform
The direct link between performance and employee engagement
How leaders can get the best out of their teams
Episode summary - How employee engagement affects performance | The four components of employee engagement


“When we’re talking about performance, we’re talking about engagement. We’re talking about a team that brings its best self to work every day.”

“A study showed that highly engaged teams have a direct impact on company’s performance. For example — I’ll quote you some numbers I got from Gallup — teams that are highly engaged have 10% in higher customer loyalty, 21% in higher profits, 70% better safety performance, and 41% better absenteeism performance.”

“A lot of people think things like pay and benefits are keys to engagement, and they’re not. Certainly, people want to be paid. But beyond that, people will still leave companies who pay well because the environment is not what they want.”

“One way to be engaged with teams is about looking to give them the opportunity to give their input in building that relationship. That’s one of the components of having an engaged work culture.”

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