How To Create A Content Marketing Strategy That Builds Your Authority

Do you struggle to create great content for your business? Are you wondering what you should you talk about that will resonate with your audience?

Or how you will position yourself as an authority so that potential customers will listen to you? 

 An advertiser since the late 90’s and a historian, episode guest Matt Gordon will share his unique approach on how to create captivating content and authority by leveraging history. 

Matt joins us today to share how he uses history to help agency marketing agencies and thought leaders We discuss: 

  • What History can teach us
  • How using more stories and imagery can make you more charismatic
  • The challenges of a lot of content creators and how to overcome it



About Matt Gordon
What history can teach us
History of Marketing: Being in the smart person business
History as motivation for learning
An Example of How a story from history can help you drive a point and position yourself
How using more stories and imagery can make you more charismatic
The Problem of a Lot of Modern Marketers
The Business You Think You’re In Vs. The Business you’re actually in
Challenges of Content Creators and How History Can Help Overcome It


“The essence of history is to connect the past and the present in a way that people care about.”

“Everything we learn in modern marketing is based on historical marketing concepts.”

“The meaning of being smart is that being able connect the dots between what’s going on and what’s relevant to them or their clients, in context and conclusion.”

“The world doesn’t need another blog post for facebook pixels. It’s not relevant to people.”

“Half of marketing is behavioral psychology.”

“If you really want to position yourself to be an expert and a person of authority, do what people in authority do. And that is to publish, whether it’s audio or video or written and you have to provide people with stories to help people make sense of what they’re going through. “

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