Happiness in Pursuit: Why masters of their craft make 10x more than everyone else and are happier

Are you currently working hard to make more money, thinking that once you reach your financial goals you’ll be happy? Are you currently making a lot of money but are miserable? 

For the longest time in his entrepreneurial endeavors, episode guest Doug Foley had constantly been pursuing money to buy happiness. Along the way, he realized that “you’re more happy doing the things you love than just trying to chase happiness.”

Doug joins us today to share how to find the endeavors that will bring us fulfillment and happiness. We discuss:

  • Why many people leave their “successful”careers 
  • What people who are fulfilled have in common
  • How to find your true calling



About Doug Foley
What is the happiness of pursuit?
Why many people leave their “successful” careers behind
Things people who are fulfilled in their work have in common
The difference between happiness and fulfillment
Why you should follow your own path in your entrepreneurship journey
The importance of taking action, investing in yourself, and getting experience
Doug on why increasingly more people question their career choice nowadays
Ikigai - The framework that can help you find your true calling
The 3 steps to finding your true calling
Break the money mindset and recognize your value
Why more people should build a lifestyle business


The process is the piece that you become passionate about, and that’s where the happiness comes from. 

“If you’re not doing the thing that you’re passionate about and the thing that you love, you won’t be able to endure those tough times.”

“I want people to find that passion, take action, and start living. If you don’t take that initial step, you can’t learn if you like it or not. ” 

“When you have that thing you’re focused on and you take those little steps, you’ll be amazed at the people that will come to you to help.”

“When people really understand their true value and what they can contribute, that’s when they become unstoppable. “

“Taking action and getting outside your comfort zone is what’s going to make the difference of you staying where you are, feeling the way you feel today, and creating a life that you want to be living.”

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