The ONE Missing Component You Need To Run Google and Facebook Ads Profitably

Have you ever run Facebook ads or Google ads , and got little to no return on your investment?  Perhaps you’ve given up on running ads because they don’t work.

In episode 18, our guest, Ian Magley, weighs in on the common mistakes small business owners make in running their ads.  He explains how larger companies have access to premium data that allows them to target better, and now that information is available to you as well.



About Ian Magley
Importance of Data for Companies Running Ads
What are the bigger businesses doing differently
Smaller businesses’ disadvantage
an on how they help small and medium businesses use data to run better ads
What you can do right now to get better targeting before you start running ads
The typical way of running ads vs. the better way


“Everything you do online,… Every single thing you do, there’s an intention to it.”

“Smaller businesses are paying tons of money just to get traffic to their website, then they have to hope that they can retarget properly or somebody opts in. It’s a really expensive cycle of just spend, spend, spend, spend.”

“In order to understand what people are doing and in order to get to them the right ad at the right time at the right place, not just hope that they search it on google and they happen to scroll and stop the scroll on facebook is understanding where they’re going to be.”

“It’s a matter of using data to provide the right ad, at the right time and provide the right message.”

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