The One Question: How To Increase Sales and Get More Loyal Customers Without Expensive Lead Generation

Guest Mike Scott, CEO of The One Question, turned a failing restaurant into one with a 96% happiness rating and 94% daily occupancy rate, and it all started with asking one question.

Mike joins us today and we discuss: 

  • How he discovered The One Question
  • What is The One Question?
  • How businesses can use The One Question software to build a community of loyal and happy customers



Successes with The One Question
How Mike stumbled across the one question
What is The One Question?
Find out how happy your customers are, find out why, and do something about it
Mike on developing a SaaS platform that helps companies measure and manage customer happiness
How a company can use the software to build a community of loyal and happy customers


“Most businesses focus most of their time on lead generation – finding new people. And it’s like, what about the ones you’ve already got? Double down on them.”

“The best market you’ve got is your existing customers.”

“If your product and service and, actually, your experience is not above and beyond, then it doesn’t matter how good your marketing is. You’re wasting your time.”

“Creating an army of actively happy customers should be the goal of every single business out there.”

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