How To Reduce Stress At Work: Modern Meditation

Guest Jen Johannsen, a certified meditation teacher and licensed school psychologist, joins us today to reveal how you can decrease your stress and increase your happiness through modern meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude practices.

Listen in as Jen shares:

    • How she went from being a skeptic of meditation to practicing it everyday
    • The impact of stress on your body and on people around you
    • How to find the best meditation practice for you 



Jen and Victoria talk about being huge nonbelievers of meditation
The impact of stress on your body and on other people
Jen talks about the meditation triangle and what you can do to quickly get your body back to center when crappy things happen during the day.
Jen on the Meditation Matchmaker quiz that can pair you with the best type of meditation practice for you.
How often Jen recommends you meditate
Jen’s advice on how a manager can introduce meditation to their team
Are there any HR prohibitions to introducing meditation in the workplace?


“Stress is contagious. If you’re managing a team and you’re super stressed out for whatever reason, that’s going to trickle down to your team.”

“A lot of people associate it [meditation] with religion, but the current iteration that I’m teaching and a lot of people are teaching in the workplace doesn’t have any religious impact or underpinnings, just stress relief”

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