How To Motivate a Sales Team and Increase Sales Rep Performance

#003 – Managing Director of Strategic Dynamics, Heather Williams, joins Victoria to talk about increasing sales team performance.

Heather trains her sales teams on how to integrate their sales performance by putting their customers first. And in this episode, she reveals how she uses behavioral assessments to sell and get tremendous result in sales performance.



What Heather does with her team and her sales to get such great performance
Everything DiSC teaches each sales rep their selling style
Heather talks about adjusting selling style to the customer
Heather reveals some traits and attributes that can give insight into what a   customer’s style is, even over the phone and email.
How sales reps respond to adjusting their selling style to suit the customer’s
Heather talks about DiSC assessments for management roles
DiSC assessments can help you better communicate internally with your team and also externally with  vendors
How many different DiSC sales profiles are there?
Wiley goes through adaptive testing to make sure the information from DiSC assessments is not distorted
Heather explains why the same question is sometimes asked multiple times in different ways
Heather talks about a hiring assessment tool, PXT Select, and changing employee role to get a better performance
Heather on working with her father, Thomas Williams, in sales
Heather’s advice on how to take the DiSC assessments
 “I took the DiSC assessment one year ago. Should I take it again?” “Unless there is some life altering event where there was a death, a marriage, a baby, maybe a divorce or separation, something like that, or a job role change, your DiSC style is not going to change.”
Heather talks about the four DiSC styles
Playbooks to help sales teams adjust based on their DiSC style
Benefits of DiSC style to your communication
Are customers giving positive feedback?
Heather suggests plan of action for managers looking to increase sales performance
BONUS: Heather talks about a glossary of business acumen and personnel, Selling to Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations


“Most people, when they’re making sales calls, they how they want to be sold to.”

“The DiSC sales profile really gives you all different tips and tricks of what your strengths and challenges might be as a salesperson, and then also how to recognize your customers, their style, and then also how to adapt to it.”

“So there’s a lot of different traits and attributes that give us insight into what someone’s style is. You’ll be able to adapt your style to theirs and ask the right questions.”

“Communication is key. If you’re not getting along with your team members or your customers, you’re not going to be successful.”

“Before you do that (getting rid of an employee), take the PXT Select assessment. Maybe they will excel somewhere else in the organization versus just getting rid of them.”

“The different DiSC styles, there are four — DISC; Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness. You’re going to be a blend of all four styles, but you’re going to be more dominant one or two areas.”

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