How To Hire The Right Person The First Time

#005 – Hiring the right people and having them in the right roles is a crucial part of effective leadership. 

Recruiting specialist and Founder of Golden AQS, Desiree Guinto, shares tips for hiring the right person the first time and she reveals common pitfalls to avoid when recruiting.



How Desiree got into recruiting
Desiree on learning a lot about the work force and life from her first sales job
How to hire the right people for your business
What to look for when hiring for a sales position versus an operational position
When recruiting for a sales position, how do you evaluate that stamina, grit, and perseverance that goes into being able to handle a sales position?
How to manage millennials in the workplace
How companies can maintain a millennial’s loyalty to the company
What to do if you are not getting the right candidate
Desiree’s advice on hiring people using job boards



“If you’re looking for a candidate, you need to understand what candidate you’re looking for and what position you’re putting them in and you also would have to consider the background the candidate is coming from.”

“I recommend always meeting the candidate face to face. I don’t think, when you are hiring for a sales position, a phone interview or even a video interview is sufficient for you to be able to judge the person.”

“Millennials nowadays, they’d rather be at an entry-level position rather than working for someone they don’t like. They wouldn’t put themselves in a position where they would be miserable everyday having to deal with a boss whose personality is terrible.”

“Including millennials in the company’s vision and allowing them to give some kind of input on how they think it would help their generation helps in maintaining their loyalty because, then, they’re invested into the company

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