How To Effectively Manage A Sales Team

What can a sales manager do to inspire their sales team and get the best results from them?

Managing Director of Jukin Media, Ravi Pillai, joins me in this episode to discuss the challenges a sales manager faces and share tips and strategies on how to effectively manage a sales team.



About Ravi Pillai
Ravi talks about the challenges with managing a sales team
A good sales manager creates communication between teams rather than have them work in silos
How to strike a balance between fighting for your team and getting them to go in the direction the company wants
How better-performing organizations differ from others in managing teams
How to handle managers that aren’t open to being wrong
How to deal with someone on your team who refuses to do what’s required
The ideal junior to mid-level salesperson you want on your team
Weird question Ravi asks during interviews to avoid hiring candidates that will disrupt his team
Ravi’s advice to any manager who wants to successfully lead their teams


“What they (management) want to do should make sense to everyone and everyone should believe in it together. If there’s confusion about the management’s vision or direction, then issues will crop up.”

“It’s management’s job to create that communication between teams to ensure that everyone is aware of what’s going on rather than have them work in silos.”

“A lot of times, middle managers try and solve all their problems below themselves without informing the people above them. That’s a mistake because that means the person above doesn’t know there are problems; the person above just sees the results that are not happening.”

“If you find someone who is willing to challenge their management with facts and figures in a logical and sensible way, and express themselves articulately whether in public or private, and take criticism if they are wrong, that is the ideal junior to mid-level salesperson you want on your team.

“Trust your people, but know when to hold back on that trust or when to manage that trust.”

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