How to Attract, Hire and Retain A-Players

With 45% of employers in the world finding it hard to hire the talent they need and 67% of new hires looking for a new job within 6 months of starting their job, being able to hire and retain top talent has never been more crucial. 

Guest Dominic Cummins, Founder of RightMind, joins us today to share his six-step hiring process which he developed over years of hiring hundreds of very successful people. We discuss:

  • How to differentiate yourself as an employer 
  • How to write your job posting to attract A-Players
  • How to weed out superfluous applicants



Dominic on being promoted to a leadership position and facing the dilemma of hiring people
The benefits of having a defined sales process in your company
Hire salespeople based on their will, not as much on their skills
Dominic’s Six-Step Process for Hiring
Dominic shares a few tricks to weed out superfluous applicants
What a successful hire is to Dominic
Why you shouldn’t trust your gut instinct when making a hiring decision


“If you don’t have SOPs in place, then you are not ready to hire an employee. Because, even if you hire a rockstar from whatever they were doing, inherently things are going to be different at your company than wherever they were before.”

“Spend as much time differentiating yourself as an employer as you do as a company on the sales side. You should spend as much time doing it, and maybe even more, on the employee side because the employees will drive your business more than your differentiation on the sales side will.”

“Treat your job postings like you would treat marketing copy or a sales script .”

“Statistically, 67% of people look for a new job within 6 months of starting their job. So if you got them to stick around for a year and they are exceeding whatever targets you put on, that would, to me, be a success.”

“Even if you’re not a salesperson or marketer, read the job description and say, “Would I buy this position?” And if you wouldn’t, change it.”

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