Customer Service: How To Get Your Best Customers To Keep Coming Back

Most businesses think they have great customer service but in reality they don’t. A lot of times they focus on improving their marketing and refining their sales process just to get more customers. They forget to give more value to their existing customers through great customer service. 

Great customer service reflects from employees. Customers won’t be any happier than what the employees are. Your customers can feel it, they know it, they understand it and they will respond by staying loyal to your brand. Happy employees reflect great customer service and the company as a whole.

What Is Intuition?: How to Make The Right Decisions

After making a series of bad decision with one leading to a friend being shot and killed, Sunil Godse spent thousands of hours on research and interviews to find out that the reason we waste time making bad decisions is because we ignore our intuition which is subconscious, phenomenon that we are all born with, that help us make the right decisions at a right time in any situation we find ourselves in. 

In this episode Sunil talks about the steps that show you how to sharpen your intuition so that the only decisions you make are the right one in any situation that moves your life forward.

Bidens Tax Plan: What You Need to Know About Tax Planning

If you’re anything like me, you like keeping your money but you don’t enjoy sitting behind a desk figuring out your taxes (or paying them…but I digress). 

In this episode, I chat with Arron Bennett. He’s the owner of Bennett Financials, a financial agency that “specializes in helping entrepreneurs keep more of their hard-earned cash.” 

We discuss tax planning, what it can do for your business, and the unique situation where tax planning won’t work for you.  A few questions we answer here is 

  1. What is tax planning?
  2. When is the best time to tax plan?
  3. What is Biden’s tax plan?

How To Deal With and Repel Toxic Employees

As a business owner, you’ve probably had to deal with a few employees who caused their fair share of trouble. What do you do when you’re not in a position to remove them?

In this episode, investment banker turned Energy Healer Sabrina Antou reveals how you can deal with toxic employees. She shares techniques that will help you completely repel the negative energy from your organization or turn that negative energy into a more positive and productive energy.


How To Create A Content Marketing Strategy That Builds Your Authority

Do you struggle to create great content for your business? Are you wondering what you should you talk about that will resonate with your audience?

Or how you will position yourself as an authority so that potential customers will listen to you? 

 An advertiser since the late 90’s and a historian, episode guest Matt Gordon will share his unique approach on how to create captivating content and authority by leveraging history. 

Matt joins us today to share how he uses history to help agency marketing agencies and thought leaders We discuss: 

  • What History can teach us
  • How using more stories and imagery can make you more charismatic
  • The challenges of a lot of content creators and how to overcome it

The ONE Missing Component You Need To Run Google and Facebook Ads Profitably

Have you ever run Facebook ads or Google ads , and got little to no return on your investment?  Perhaps you’ve given up on running ads because they don’t work.

In episode 18, our guest, Ian Magley, weighs in on the common mistakes small business owners make in running their ads.  He explains how larger companies have access to premium data that allows them to target better, and now that information is available to you as well.

Coronavirus: 3 Ways Employees Who Aren’t Working Can Still Help Grow Your Business

As the world deals with the COVID-19 and coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have been forced to shut down their offices and adopt remote work options for their employees. However, not all employees can work from home. Not being able to generate as much during this period and having to manage your payroll, should you lay off your employees during this period?

My advice? No. Not yet at least.  Instead, focus on the opportunities. Join me as I reveal three ways your employees who aren’t working during this pandemic can still help you grow your business.

Happiness in Pursuit: Why masters of their craft make 10x more than everyone else and are happier

Are you currently working hard to make more money, thinking that once you reach your financial goals you’ll be happy? Are you currently making a lot of money but are miserable? 

For the longest time in his entrepreneurial endeavors, episode guest Doug Foley had constantly been pursuing money to buy happiness. Along the way, he realized that “you’re more happy doing the things you love than just trying to chase happiness.”

Doug joins us today to share how to find the endeavors that will bring us fulfillment and happiness. We discuss:

  • Why many people leave their “successful”careers 
  • What people who are fulfilled have in common
  • How to find your true calling

Exhibitor’s Edge: Why Exhibiting at Events Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Have you ever tried marketing your business at an event, conference, or trade show with no luck? Did you give up, concluding that exhibitor marketing doesn’t work or is not profitable enough?

Guest Lisa Schulteis, founder of ElectraLime Marketing, has worked with clients who used both live and virtual events to build their business. Over the last 10 years, she analyzed what works and what doesn’t and developed a systematic process for successful exhibitor and event marketing. 

Lisa joins us today and she reveals: 

  • Why you should use events as part of your marketing plan
  • Important steps to take before using exhibits
  • How to engage attendees during and after the event