Saiyyidah Zaidi

Founder of Millionaire Muslimah

Victoria is one of the few people (maybe the only one) who I would allow to manage me. She is able to ask the right questions and articulate exactly what is required for a project. Working with Victoria and her team has been one of the best experiences of my working career - I have been pushed to places that I was uncomfortable to go to but knew were right for me and the project. Victoria and her team always knew that and were able to communicate it to me in a way that gently nudged me along to get me to where I needed to be to deliver a game changing project.Victoria is sensitive, skilled and believed in me and the project we worked on with a level of intensity and dedication that I have rarely experienced. As a previous project director I know how hard it is to manage something complicated and the fact that Victoria was able to do it with such sophistication is testimony to her skill.I loved every minute of working with Victoria and would recommend anyone who has a project that they care about to consider working with Victoria and Impress Marketing.